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The J Hatch Trio began with a chance meeting at a jazz festival in 2005 and has since evolved into a special musical friendship between three talented musicians. A diverse repertoire of jazz standards, innovative arrangements and original compositions features various rhythmic settings such as swing, funk, Latin and New World rhythms. Improvisation is the driving force behind the trio's energetic stage presence. The result is spontaneous, energetic jazz music that lives in the moment.



Apropos Jazz translated into English means "Speaking of Jazz," which, one might argue, sounds cooler in German. The name belongs to a jazz quartet from the Wiesbaden/Taunus area in Germany, which represents the coming together of four sucessful musical carreers, each with a span of over 20 years on the professional music scene. Its repertoire reflects the wide range of experience in the band and features creative arrangements of jazz and pop favorites as well as original compositions. The quartet's first CD is now in production.
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When people ask Hatch how he got started in music, he often tells the following story.

”When I was a little kid there was this dryer in the basement… I used to get a kick out of sitting in front of it, just listening. It was especially entertaining when coins or other small items would fall out of the tumbling clothes or a button would scratch or smack against the tumbler and become part of the groove. 

The various ping, pang, swish, clack, whump against the constant thrumming of the dryer was, to my young mind, very cool. Of course, when I started to throw in pieces of colored crayon to mix up the rhythm, my mother stepped in and canceled the next concert. Anyway, there you have it...the beginnings of a composer."

Along the way, I was fortunate enough to meet and study with a lot of great musicians, among them Bill Tamblyn, Dick Oats, Roger Pemberton and Bert Ligon. But it was Bob Richardson, who saw the hidden talent, and took on the task of turning a young rock ‘n’ roll drummer into a composer/arranger.

Since then I've written for many different venues and put together a wide assortment of original compositions and arrangements for choir, big band, solo artists and smaller ensembles.”


A Note from the Composer
If you are interested in my arrangements, contact me at or go to where you can find some of my choir arrangements. If you would like to purchase a CD by the J Hatch Trio or Apropos Jazz, or individual songs from those CDs, simply click the link to CDBaby.

Thank you for the interest in my music.

J Hatch



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