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j hatch trio preforms at fund-raising event
For Isis Initiative, Inc., October 2010

For the second year in a row, the J Hatch Trio played a fund-raising event for Isis Initiative, Inc. The trio featured J Hatch on piano, Ray Brassfield on upright bass and Fred Berman on saxophone and clarinet.Beth Rietveld and Sam Stern hosted the party at their Corvallis home. The musicians donated their time and talent. J Hatch flew from Germany for the event and also donated proceeds from the sale of his CD "The Birmingham Sessions" to Isis Initiative, Inc. The event raised $940 for the non-profit, which funds scholarships for women overseas who have the desire but not the resources to attend college.
Last year, the J Hatch Trio played a Mardi Gras fund-raiser at Block-15 in downtown Corvallis.


From Jane Drake's CD, Brand New Woman

First, I owe the deepest thanks to my terrific band. Without each of you behind me, my performance would not have been what it is. You pushed and inspired me to reach for the very best I had to give. What a wonderful collaboration I felt with you guys.
I have to say a special word about my long-time good friend who went far beyond the call of duty for me. Hatch, you flew all the way from Germany to be a part of this CD. You worked with me to bring all my ideas to life and played some mean piano as well. Words fail in the face of such a contribution. Also thank you Birgit (his wife) for letting me borrow him for a week. I just realized, Hatch that there might be some other newspaper articles about you.


j hatch performs at auburn university
The 4th Annual Bob Richardson Memorial Jazz Concert
AU Music Department Recital Hall, June 14, 2008

It was a blast, folks, that's all I can say. Auburn University jazz graduate, J Hatch, flew in from his home in Germany to be the guest star at his alma mater this year. He was joined by Alabama Jazz Hall of Famer Sonny Harris and Gary Wheat, saxophonist, both from Birmingham, Alabama. Robert Dickson, bass professor at University of Georgia in Atlanta, was a great addition to the group. This concert demonstrated the way jazz music should be played and enjoyed. Every player was leaving his emotions on the stage as well as his musical artistry.

There were spontaneous smiles, head bobbing, inside looks passing between players, foot general they were tuned in and reacting emotionally to the clever improvisation and stylistic interpretation each played in turn. As a jazz performer, you always hope for that kind of chemistry. On this night, it was nothing short of electric...and the audience really picked up on that energy. Many of the numbers, especially for our guest artist J Hatch's original tunes, drew long, loud applause throughout the evening...sweet music to any musician's ears.


review by jane drake, concert organizer
The 2nd Annual Bob Richardson Memorial Jazz Concert
Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, April 30, 2006

About the rhythm section: I'll start with the piano player J Hatch, who was his usual charismatic self on stage. Several people asked me about him, and I heard repeated remarks that he was "fun" to watch as well as listen to. He quipped that "it was only because he looked like he's dying while he's playing." I'm glad he's able to poke fun at himself, but I'll guarantee that is not why people are drawn to watch and listen to him. He really has that IT factor on stage. It stems from the love of the music and his deep emotional connection to it.




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