Keepin’ one foot in the groove

jazz pianist, drummer, composer/arranger and author

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One Foot in the Groove

  • All the Things You Are - Jerome Kern
  • If I Had You - Campbell/Connelly/Shapiro
  • One Foot in the Groove - J Hatch
  • Darn That Dream - Van Heusen/Delange
  • Just Cruisin’ - J Hatch
  • After Words - J Hatch

An American jazz pianist with a drummer’s soul
and an elegant groove

J Hatch spent his early professional years on the club scene on the East Coast of the United States and on the riverboats in New Orleans, honing his playing and writing skills while immersing himself in the traditions of blues and jazz music. Hatch plays in the now. Whether caressing a ballad, playing the blues, or swinging through a bebop tune, he plays and sings with an enthusiasm and intensity that are tangible. His delight for the music he plays is contagious.


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Straight-ahead jazz music that lives in the moment.

The J Hatch Trio never hesitates to go its own way. A diverse repertoire combines innovative arrangements and original compositions in a wide variety of rhythmic settings such as swing, funk, Latin and New World rhythms. The end result is good, honest, straight-ahead jazz music that lives in the moment.

J Hatch | Jörg Mühlhaus | Michael Großmann

High Standard - Easy Listening Jazz Quartet

The jazz quartet Apropos Jazz represents the coming together of four successful musical careers, each with a span of more than 20 years on the professional music scene. The repertoire reflects the wide range of experience in the band and features creative arrangements of jazz and pop favorites, as well as original compositions.

Nanni Byl | J Hatch | Jörg Mühlhaus | Michael Großmann

Timeless American music played to be remembered.

For J Hatch, playing live and in the now is where it’s at. You count four, jump in and hang on. Keep things real and the music honest. So if you’re longing to hear some of those old familiar melodies while you sit back and snap your fingers to an elegant groove, you’re in the mood for classic American jazz piano music. You need to hear J Hatch. 

J Hatch solo piano


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