J Hatch is an American pianist, vocalist and composer/arranger who has been on the professional jazz scene for more than 20 years. He spent his early years on the East Coast of the United States and on the riverboats in New Orleans, honing his skills as a solo pianist, sideman, studio musician and arranger while immersing himself in the traditions of blues and jazz music, before moving to the West Coast and then on to Europe.

A versatile musician, Hatch takes pleasure in the traditional jazz standards: "good old straight-ahead tunes you can play on." While he enjoys performing solo, he also plays with and writes for various different ensembles. Whether caressing a classic ballad or stomping through a standard blues tune, Hatch plays and sings with an enthusiasm and intensity that are tangible. And his delight for the music he plays is contagious.



An accomplished drummer and pianist, J Hatch is also a first-rate composer and arranger. The influence of jazz, Latin and African
rhythms plays an important role in his writing style. He has created original compositions and arrangements for diverse musical venues including big bands, small groups, solo artists, vocalists, gospel
choirs and film scores.

His works are performed by university, professional and amateur groups in the United States and Europe. Performances featuring his compositions and arrangements can be heard on CD (see Music). Hatch now makes his home in Germany, where he continues to perform, arrange and give workshops.

For more information about custom arrangements and original music, please contact Hatch at derj@mac.com.


J Hatch offers private lessons in jazz composition and improvisation. He also teaches drums and piano for students of all ages and gives Workshops for jazz piano, composition, choir and big band. He has published a book, "Songs and Etudes for Jazz Piano,” and is now working on his second book. 

To quote Hatch, “Music is like a language and has it’s own vocabulary, dialects and basic structural rules. The best way to go about learning music is to listen and then try to play what you hear. Reading notes on the page is part of that process. My job as a teacher is to get the students to put the music in the notes."



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Apropos Jazz performs at Walhalla Studio Theater, Germany
OCTOBER 22, 2010
J Hatch, Nanni Byl, Jorg Muhlhaus and Michael Grossmann played modern, yet timeless, arrangements of beautiful jazz and pop classics.


J Hatch Trio concert benefits nonprofit
OCTOBER 16, 2010
The J Hatch Trio offered an evening of jazz music at a fund-raiser for Isis Initiative, which helps women overseas pursue a college eduction. Hatch also donated proceeds from his CD sales at the event to support the cause.


J Hatch collaborates with Jane Drake
JUNE 12, 2010
J Hatch was the musical director and pianist on Jane Drake's latest album, "Brand New Woman." Hatch created the arrangements for the album's 10 songs.


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