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J Hatch teaches drums and piano to students of all ages and gives workshops for jazz piano, choir and big band. He also offers lessons in jazz composition and improvisation. He has published a book, "Songs and Etudes for Jazz Piano,” and his latest project is a method book for young drummers entitled “Getting Started with Mango Mitch and the Four Parking Spaces.”
If you want to play music, you have to do a lot of listening and learn to sing what you hear. If you can sing it, you can play it. The rest is about finding your groove and putting the music in the notes.”
J Hatch

Educational Music Books and Videos

Songs and Etudes for Jazz Piano

Ballads / Blues / Boogie / Bossa Nova and more... 17 graded piano solos set in typical jazz song forms that feature the characteristic melodic, rhythmic and harmonic elements found in jazz piano music.

If you are interested in purchasing J's piano book, just click on the link and send him and e-mail. That’ll do it.

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Coming Soon! Getting Started with Mango Mitch and the Four Parking Spaces.

"Mango Mitch and the Four Parking Places” is a three-volume collection of exercises, patterns and solos designed to teach young students the fundamentals of playing the snare drum and the drum set.

To learn more about J’s new drum books for kids, click on the link and send him an e-mail.

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Plain Videos

Mango Mitch

Chapter 1

Hallo Kinder,
hier ist das Video zum ersten Kapitel von "Mango Mitch und die vier Parkplätze - Alles im Griff!”